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Kashmir Ski is a vacation skiing tour link dealing with the needs of people desirous of skiing in Kashmir. We have been successfully organizing and promoting Kashmir skiing and Kashmir snowboarding trips for a very long time now. We are proud to offer a variety of economic packages at top ski resorts in Kashmir. Kashmir Ski Season has set in. Realize your dream of Ski vacation in Kashmir with us. We offer low expenditure trips for everyone.

Kashmir Ski Resorts is a sheltered village situated in the north of Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir at the western edge of the Himalayas in a lower range, Pir Panjals. World famous Gulmarg inhabits the world famous Ski Resorts in its lap. Gulmarg Ski Resorts sits in gently rolling meadow, at a height of 2700m. Chairlift at Gulmarg in Kashmir Ski resorts region is one of the world’s highest and longest lift of this kind, lifting at a breathtaking height of 13,400ft (4,084m). Third highest gondola lift, just behind two lifts in China, after the previous highest ski area in Bolivia got defunct which was padlocked due to climate change melting the snow pack. However Gulmarg can safely be called the highest ‘proper’ ski resort in the world with runs up to 5km (three miles) long. Just being in Kashmir you are already far up in the Himalayas, one of the highest mountain ranges in the world. Kashmir Ski resort is on the verge of becoming the best winter-sports target in Asia. CNN Quotes “Kashmir among the top five ski resorts of Asia”. Gulmarg Ski resort is a world-class ski resort blanketed with fresh, light powder from the Himalayas; attracting ski bums tired of Mountainous lift queues and fondues. At the top station, skiers can take on challenging runs with Nanga Parbat, the world's ninth-highest peak.

Kashmir Skiing has made Kashmir an ideal destination for skiers across the Globe. Last year world’s best ski film company Warren Miller from USA, Salomon ski France were here and even former International cricketer Jhonty Rhodes enjoyed the slides on snowy hills. So, if you are scheduling a Kashmir ski trip and want to do more than just follow the mobs, you've come to the perfect place! Whether you are new to skiing or experienced skier at discovering your way around the Himalayas, we have Kashmir Ski packages that will suit you. We offer trips that are suitable for everyone-desirous persons who are exploring the mountains for the first time or those who have already experienced the joy of skiing in the lap of Himalaya. We will help you realize your dream of skiing in Kashmir! You will find everything you need on our website. Hope you are inspired by the Gulmarg Ski Packages and Kashmir ski holidays on offer. Contact us and enjoy your Gulmarg ski tour like never before. Waiting to hear from you soon!